A Word From Marc…

Spring is here! Hoorah!!

Spring is the time of year where we see the signs of new life, and the promise of more. It is the season of growth and a time to flourish. Spring is a time when things start to heat up and life begins.

I hope that Spring is a time where this happens in your life as well. I want to encourage you to not just let life move forward around you, but to embrace it and flourish in your own life as well.

Here at Optimum we are doing just that! Optimum has big news; we are opening two new clinics in the next month. This is really exciting news for us and the entire Optimum team.

Firstly, Sarah Hillman, the Manager at our Campbelltown studio during the last 3 years, is going into business with Optimum. Sarah is opening a studio in the Sutherland Shire, Sylvania Heights to be exact. We are excited to be partnering with Sarah. This is the perfect opportunity to retain such an outstanding member within the team, but also a great opportunity for her to take the next step in her career progression, and become a business owner.

Secondly, we have just won the contract to run the Allied Health gym, which incorporates all Exercise Physiology, Dietetics, Massage and Hydrotherapy services within what will be become the single greatest Exercise Physiology Clinic in the country, in Blacktown. Brad Sculley, our Blacktown/Werrington Manager, is excited to be taking the reins of this amazing facility. We will continue to practice at Werrington, but will be moving all Blacktown operations into our new facility.

The Optimum team is excited to expand our impressive services, whilst we continue to improve and grow as a business. I want to encourage you to support our new studios. Many clients and friends of Optimum say to us that they wish we were closer to them. Now we are in two new areas.

I also want to encourage you to make the step this spring and really grow, flourish and bring new life into your own health. We are always here to help. Give your nearest studio a call and start living life to the fullest.

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