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A guide to health and well-being while working from home

A Guide to Health and Well-Being while Working From Home

During these challenging times of lockdown, we want to do something of value for you, so have decided to hold an interactive health and well-being webinar to provide you with resources from our team of experts on how best to stay healthy in mind and body during this period and beyond.

Our team of expert panellists from each of our Allied Health service disciplines will provide professional guidance on how to utilise the home environment to stay on top of your health and well-being during lockdown. The panellists and their presentations include:

Louise Vella – Head of Occupational Therapy

A tutorial on tips for the ideal ergonomic home office set up to minimise the risk of pain and injury, and boost productivity.

Annette Ivanos – Head of Speech Pathology

Tips, strategies and resources to help you communicate with your clients through:

  • Using plain and simple English (applicable to communicating with clients with cognitive impairment, NESB etc).
  • Alternate forms of communication (verbal over the phone, email, written text, text message, video).
  • Online accessible resources to support communication with clients.

Kieran Doyle – Head of Physiotherapy

Providing guidelines for commencing Physical Activity when working from home to keep healthy, boost productivity and minimise injury risk. He will also provide a manageable Working From Home Mobility/Flexibility routine to complement the ideal ergonomic work set up.

Lynn Scully – Head of Exercise Physiology

Presenting on the Key benefits of exercise on our mental health while working from home and providing a simple home based exercise program, utilising body weight and equipment found around the home to keep you healthy and strong while working from home.

Terence Tong – Head of Dietetics

The art of eating healthy, utilising time at home for meal preparation and building a workable nutrition routine.

The full webinar is available below. If any of you or your clients would benefit from more in depth treatment with these techniques please contact us.

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