3 ways to receive treatment at Optimum Health Solutions

– By Marc Seymour, Director of Optimum Health Solutions

Optimum Health Solutions remains OPEN moving forward. At this stage communicating with industry bodies and NSW health there is no reason to discontinue our services.


1. COME TO THE CLINIC –  As Allied Health Services we are able to operate at all Optimum Health Solutions locations as confirmed by the Federal Minister for Health. We continue to maintain a healthy and safe environment, taking strict precautions for both our clients and staffs well being. Please keep your appointments as we are doing everything to ensure a safe environment.

2. WE CAN COME TO YOUR HOME – All Optimum clients who are well, who have not had contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 and have not recently returned from overseas travel, but are now self-isolating are still able to receive face-to-face services as our clinicians are able to come to you.

3. TELEHEALTH – For clients who are self-isolating, unwell or at high risk of contracting the virus, our services at Optimum Health Solutions can be executed and performed via telehealth, a video-conferencing service, in real-time while you are unable to come in and receive contact-based solutions.

At Optimum We Know The Need for people to receive treatment through this time of uncertainty

We strongly encourage you to keep your services, all Optimum Health Solution locations are allied health providers and are encouraged to continue providing services at this time. Please contact for any further information needed.

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