Joint Replacement Recovery

Joint replacement technology and surgical procedures have advanced a long way during the last 20 years. Many patients can now perform movements that were not possible in the past. The key to joint replacement recovery is maximising your functional capacity from following a customised strength program, through each phase of your recovery.

There was a 38% rise in the rate of total knee replacements from 2005 to 2018.

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Joint Replacement Recovery Goals

Optimum Health Solutions specialises in pre and post-operative joint replacement programs. Our purpose-built rehabilitation facilities cater specifically to you after your joint replacement. We aim to acheive the following goals post-surgery.


Reaction time

Ensuring you can run 15 metres in case you are required to avoid danger. eg: avoid a speeding car.



Making sure you can get up and down off the floor without assistance.


Pain relief

We work with you to perform all daily functional tasks comfortably, without pain or fatigue.

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